Ready, steady, go!

Here we are, finally! The official launching of the Rallye has been done on the 11th of February 2015. No turning back. The show must go on! They were all here, our 20 Gazelles and our two substitutes, all emotional to meet again. Sometimes tired due to the jet lag but always enthusiastic. Soon, it [...]

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Gazelles' hearts

Final stretch!

During the previous weeks, we have had the chance to get to know our Gazelles and to discover their strengths, passions and characters. The selection weekend, on itself allowed us to overview their bravery, courage and determination. Those physical and mental aspects of their personality are essential to be a good Gazelle. But, without a [...]

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Gazelles’s Anatomy?

During the last weeks we have found out our ten participating teams for the Rally Aïcha des Gazelles 2015. You got it, the Gazelle’s spirit is full of qualities and skills. It’s a full-time job and only our Women@Renault hold the secret! Decoding time… In the discovery of the perfect Gazelle’s anatomy! Sense of direction! [...]

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Djahida !

Let’s meet with… Djahida!

You thought we forgot someone? Of course not, and here it comes: the presentation of the official communicator for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2015! She will be present during all the trip of our girls, to tell us their (mis) adventures! At the front row seat of the Rallye, let us introduce you to [...]

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Léa and Stéphanie!

Let’s meet with… Léa and Stéphanie!

To enclose those 4 weeks of presentation, please welcome our eleventh and last binomial: Léa and Stéphanie who are the additional team. They both work in the ergonomic department on the Interfaces Home Machine (IHM), Stéphanie is in the management of the product and Léa in the management of the engineering; already a beautiful spirit [...]

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Hye Sun & Eunyoung

Let’s meet with… Eunyoung and Hye Sun!

We start this forth week in the starting block with our (yes, already), 10th team. They come all the way from Asia Pacific; please let us introduce the Korean team composed with Eunyoung and Hye Sun! Part of the Renault Samsung of Yongin in Korea, our two friends were already convince that the Rally Aicha [...]

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Selvasundari & Preethi!

Let’s meet with… Selvasundari and Preethi!

And to enclose this week of presentation, please welcome a pair who came from a far land… Selvasundari and Preethi are representing India! Team from Renault Nissan India, this binomial is doted with a joy of living and a sense of commitment indescribable. They give 300% when they start something and manage at once their [...]

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Let’s meet with… Vanessa and Diana!

And on to the next! Without waiting any longer, let’s move on to the eighth binomial of Gazelles! This time, they are coming straight from Colombia – two rays of sunshine made in South America!! A polyglot duo who collects activities, capacities and skills: those two got loads of strings to their bow… A bubbly [...]

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Let’s meet with… Bouchera and Ibtissam!

All things come in three! So let’s go for a third week for the presentation of the Gazelles, which start with two bubbly guests! Our 7th duo comes directly from Morocco! Bouchera and Ibtissam, team Renault Morocco. This binomial has already their feet on the sand, The Rallye des Gazelles, for them, it’s at home! [...]

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Let’s meet with… Teodora and Emilia!

To close our second week of the presentation of the Gazelles, today let’s introduce our two exclusive guests. Here is our 6th binomial that came all the way from Romania, Emilia and Teodora! Team from the technology department at Renault Romania: The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is going over every boarder! Our two Gazelles- or [...]

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