Let’s meet with… Teodora and Emilia!

To close our second week of the presentation of the Gazelles, today let’s introduce our two exclusive guests. Here is our 6th binomial that came all the way from Romania, Emilia and Teodora! Team from the technology department at Renault Romania: The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is going over every boarder!

Our two Gazelles- or shall we say les “Runaway” Gazelles- are used to drive and are ready to face a whole new ground: The Moroccan desert! Our Romanians are certainly not scared! 


Where were you when you learned you were selected for the 2015 Rally Aïcha des Gazelles? Did you expect this selection?

Emilia tells she was in a taxi, on her way to work: «One of the other Gazelles who were participating at the selections called me to give me the good news.”

Another original way to learn the news: you can always count on the other Gazelles, always connected and ready to share the good news!

Teodora was on the other side of the world. Yeah, yeah, concretely on the other side of the world: in Brazil. Because of a new project going until the end of 2014, she had to go abroad for work. Therefore the pre-selections and the news was given by her team mate. “After a night where it was just impossible to sleep, at 4AM (local time in Brazil), my Gazelle called me to share the news!”

A massive joy, an honor and a privileged would say our Gazelles to be the first Renault Romania team to participate at the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles! You got swag or you don’t!

What was your first reaction? Did you burst into tears? Did you let out a cry of joy?

Emilia, still in her cab must have repeated a billion times: «I can’t believe it!»

“I was so excited that the taxi driver proposed to come and encourage us like a cheerleader or a mascot!”

Whoa, this competition really attracts some reactions and support from all parts; our Gazelles exult and create emulation!  

Teodora, at the edge of the implosion, shaky and full of emotions, tells us: at 4AM, my first words were: “I can’t believe this dream is actually coming true, Oh My Gosh!”

She then went for the phone to call her boss and family in Romania.

And this is how the good news was spread around the world at the speed of the light.

What was the first thought that went through your mind when you realized that you were going to become a real Gazelle?

Teodora, still on her little cloud: “Sometimes, dreams do come true and right now, I am enjoying it to the max”! She explains how she realized that the pair of them was going to participate to an event, which is going to mark them for life and also the overflow of emotions that came after.

Enthusiasm is palpable and she qualifies this feeling as unique and euphoric.

Emilia, at the top of her optimism sees herself at the top of the poster, or more on the first step of the podium. She instantly thought: “Oh my Gosh we have to get the first price to take it back to Romania!”

Oh my Go(l)d, our Romanians girls seems more than determinate to catch the gold!

To whom did you tell the news first? What was your friends and family reaction?

Emilia obviously hurried to tell her colleague in Brazil at the time: “Even if it’s 4AM over there I thought it was worth to be waken up!” But Teodora was already up, stressed and disappointed because she did not have any Internet connection THE day of the results.

Emilia puts forward the enthusiasm and proud that came from her family and friends.

Teodora started by calling her husband: “We did it, I am officially a Gazelle and I am going to do the Rallye!“ Reassuring and confident, he answered that the selection was evidence regarding the competitive spirit of the team. Teodora’s father, a car and driving passionate, was extremely proud of his daughter, who is following is path and passion.

While waiting to face the sandy storm of the desert, it’s a storm of emails and phone calls of greetings that put our duo upside down.

What were your coworkers first words when you announced the good news?

The avalanche of compliments had overwhelmed our two Gazelles. They do not realize all the fervor, which is coming from their entourage: “Congratulations, we are sooo proud of you. You are going to represent Romania and we are sure you will represent Renault’s colours with the brightness we know you have in you.”

 A Renault’s duo that looks peachy!

During the selection week-end, did you have doubts about the next step of the adventure ?
Instead, did you realize that the Rallye was made for you?

Convinced the Rallye was made for them, our team was still aware of the high level of preparation of the other teams. “We couldn’t be sure to succeed, but like any other Gazelles, we wished to prove we were the best choice for the Rallye des Gazelles.”

Gazelles you can jump of joy now, your selection has been confirmed!

During the selection weekend, what test was the most difficult? The easiest?

Our Gazelles kept some really good memories from this selections weekend that they even had trouble to determinate which moments were the easiest and the hardest.

One thing is sure, the more natural and easy part for our Eastern duo was to get into the spirit: “We felt like we were in a big family.”

Meanwhile, the hardest part was to put up the tent: “We’ve never seen that! It was super special with lots of sticks (euh… peg tent maybe). But we found some “good fairies”, or more like extremely nice Gazelles to help us putting up the bloody thing!

Which values are best represented during the selection weekend?

Without any hesitation, these young ladies speak about respect, about solidarity and about team spirit. They also put forward “the image of the ambitious and brave woman” of every Gazelle.

Yep, this is the spirit of Women@Renault!

And this, we BUY!

What are your teammate strengths that will be useful in the desert?

Emilia puts forward the qualities of her teammate: “Teo (her nickname) is the most optimistic person in the whole wild world! With the energy and the mindset of a winner she has, I am sure we will make it and will go through all the twist and turns of the travel.”

On her side, our Teo flatter her team buddy Emy (everyone has a nickname!): “She is coordinate, her motivation and her competitive spirit make her the choreographer of our binomial”

Have you guess who is going to be the pilot and the co-pilot?

Emy and Teo, the duo we need in order to go higher in Morocco! 

What are you team best asset?

The firsts will be the lasts… But our Gazelles are more up to be first and that’s all!

Teodora and Emilia are ambitious and combative: “We are both in a really good physical condition and are ready to go!” 

Let the adventure begins

What do you dread most during the Rallye?

Funny apprehension for our duo, which has only a single fear: “Lose the Duster in the desert”


“But if it is the case, we shall continue the Rallye bye foot (0 consumption of CO2)!”

Hats down for their ecofriendly mind but they risk passing the finish line in May!

What are you expecting the most about the Rallye?

Our team is curious to discover if a Duster “special Romania” was thought especially to represent the first nomination of Romania.

The starting signals of the race and the infamous “3…2…1….Go!!!” Make them crazy in advance: “we will not be able to resist the waves of emotions that will submerge us!! And we are sure we are going to burst into tears, deep down, we are sensitive women despite our warrior’s souls!”

Crying is not only for women; even the Gazelles can express their joy with a little tear!

The typical Gazelle is brave and a little bit reckless. Tell us what is the craziest thing you did in life?

Emilia has two memories in mind… She hesitates with the crossing of a river with a tyrolean (sensational) and a jump in the sea. But she finishes by choosing the jump: it isn’t ordinary to jump from a high rock, into the sea when you don’t know how to swim… It was evidence that our Gazelle could rely on her friends who were waiting for her just below, ready to catch her and prevent her from sinking!


Teodora, more down to earth is talking about one day, where she went with her dad to do some off road driving in the mountains.

Her fear: meeting a bear! “I think it’s my dad who made me love cars.”

A hobby, which runs in the family from dad to daughter! Thank you who? Thanks Daddy!

What state of mind are you in today? What are your next step to prepare for the Rallye? Triathlon training? Mountain climbing?

They are super motivated to start the training sessions in February.

Teodora planned to pursue the running with her training for the “Forest Run” marathon and the organization Athletic cardio.

On her side, Emilia continues dancing with some choreographic workshops: « we have orientation and off road training with the Duster team in January. With all those activities, we should be ready for the Rally.

Dance & running, a crazy cardio team!

What sentence, quote or war cry would best describe your team?



A nickname for your team?

The one which sticks best to them since the inscriptions is: « RUNaway »

Avoid Gazelles and try not to get caught up! Other Gazelles won’t let you win the Rallye so easily!

Would you dare to win the race?

“Of course we are in to win the 1st price!”

They won’t give up! The first prize or nothing!

One word to describe the adventure, which is about to start?

« M-Y-S-T-E-R-I-O-U-S»

Another team with a different vision of the competition but always in the optic to have fun, to represent the Renault’s group and share the essential values of the Rallye. The spirit is here and it won’t change!

Very impatient to discover the following adventures and trainings, our two buddies made in Romania are proud to be Gazelles. 


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