Let’s meet with… Bouchera and Ibtissam!

All things come in three! So let’s go for a third week for the presentation of the Gazelles, which start with two bubbly guests! Our 7th duo comes directly from Morocco! Bouchera and Ibtissam, team Renault Morocco. This binomial has already their feet on the sand, The Rallye des Gazelles, for them, it’s at home!

The desert doesn’t scare them at all, on the contrary! It’s with pure pleasure that they will discover those magnificent landscapes that are theirs…

Yalla !


Where were you when you learned you were selected for the 2015 Rally Aïcha des Gazelles? Did you expect this selection?

Bouchera tells us that regarding the schedule of the diffusion of the results, she was lying in her bed, her nose right on the phone, eyeing patiently the announcement on the website Rallye des Gazelles (http://gazelles-womenrenault.com).

Ibtissam, on the contrary was unable to check the results from her bed, the sandman had come already…

Enjoy your sleep Gazelles… During the Rallye, you won’t have time to dream about the dunes, you will have to confront them!

What was your first reaction? Did you burst into tears? Did you let out a cry of joy?

At first, it was something like: « AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! »

Then it was more like: « AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! » 

From the scream of joy to the unstoppable laugh, our two young Gazelles didn’t have the words but it was simply onomatopoeias to express their happiness!

What was the first thought that went through your mind when you realized that you were going to become a real Gazelle?

From the dream to the reality, our two Gazelles had a hard time realizing what was going on…

« Are we dreaming? Pinch us! »

No need to do that to yourself Girls, you are not dreaming, and we can confirm: you have reached the official status of Gazelles! J-24 before the start of the training sessions.

To whom did you tell the news first? What was your friends and family reaction?

Bouchera, after discovering the news from her bed, she informed her twin, or rather her Gazelle!

Ibtissam, after her partner’s call, told the news to her mum and her daughter: three generations aware are better than one!

What were your coworkers first words when you announced the good news?

Bouchera and Ibtissam’s colleagues congratulated them warmly:  « you deserve it! » « We are proud of you; we will always be behind you! »

Support, proud, Youhooouuus of joy: the concretization of an incredible human experience!

During the selection week-end, did you have doubts about the next step of the adventure ?
Instead, did you realize that the Rallye was made for you?

Confident and conscious of the opportunity that has been given to them, our two accomplices gave all of themselves to obtain this selection: «we didn’t doubt at any time about our participation at this big Rallye»

Confidence is the key to success: «Ma’a salâma» («Go without fear»).

During the selection weekend, what test was the most difficult? The easiest?

Regarding the most difficult event, the girls choose without hesitation the mountain bike in the mud: «In Morocco, we are not used to this kind of ground!»

Don’t worry ladies, you will have your revenge, running in the sand will be a piece of cake for you! 

In a general way, the Gazelles of Morocco have had a lot of ease in all fields: maybe did they prepare this explosive weekend with some hard training sessions!

« Elementary my dear Watson! » Or shall we say:  «Elementary my dear Gazelle!»

Which values are best represented during the selection weekend?

For the girls the important values they have shared over this weekend of selections were: mutual help, surpassing oneself and team work.

No need to mention it but wherever our Gazelles come from, they all share the same values.

What are your teammate strengths that will be useful in the desert?

Bouchera talks about perseverance to qualify in a short and efficient way her road partner.

Ibtissam uses the qualifying « combative » to describe the most useful quality of her teammate.

Two essential qualities to brave the sandy mountains!

What are you team best asset?

Our team made in Morocco is listing proudly and with dignity:  « our complementary, constant happiness, good sense of adaptation are our principal assets! 

What do you dread most during the Rallye?

Not even scared by the upcoming tests, or the animals, or the mechanic, or the sand… Our two Gazelles mainly fear a health problem during the race.

We touch wood for you girls, the sand won’t hurt you and everything is going to be alright!

What are you expecting the most about the Rallye?

“- It’s when that we go? When are the holidays ?

- Kids, we say« When are you going? And be patient!! 

Excited as kiddos before the summer holidays, our two Gazelles wait for the start of the race but also for the adventure itself to start with a lot of impatience!

Everything comes on time to the one who waits… Even if (and we know it) it’s a long time of waiting!

The typical Gazelle is brave and a little bit reckless. Tell us what is the craziest thing you did in life?

Bouchera tells us she loves taking risks. It’s for this reason she didn’t hesitate one second to do some skydiving! We precise there were only 4 kms between her and the ground… «It’s scary, no? It’s freaky! » She brags! « But weirdly it was a unique and memorable experience ».

It’s a decision she took alone. She joined herself, peaceful at first, but more and more anxious as the date was coming up. But seeing all the other participants stressing reassured her…  « At 4km up the ground, when the door of the plane is opening, anxiety is here at 300%! But it was too late to turn around. My turn is coming, I am going to the door and HOOOOOPPP, it’s an unstoppable fall! It’s at this moment that I became a fan of strong sensations! Anguish is banished forever: I am definitely another woman. »

Followed by a long list of adventures, craziest each time…Bouchera will be able to add a new experience to her list: the Rallye!

Same fight for Ibtissam: « after hesitating for a long time, I decided to throw myself in the air! »

Euh… Yes… But only bungee jumping of course!

It is difficult to turn back when you have got shin pads and a safety belt around your waist! « During the ascent in the nacelle of 55 meters, the instructor took her safety belt off so I could jump safely… Trust me, it didn’t feel safe at all! Everything goes really fast… Hard to describe the fall into the air but it was incredible! I screamed so loudly, I didn’t know I was capable of making such a noise! An amazing experience! »

We wouldn’t have done it… Real bad-a** those two !

A rash and audacious binomial, we love it!

What state of mind are you in today? What are your next step to prepare for the Rallye? Triathlon training? Mountain climbing?

From their experiences, we can define quite easily the team spirit…

The duo confirms they are at the top of their motivation.

The lucky participants have already trained for the orienteering race in the Moroccan desert, but also had an intensive physical preparation… 

It gives the motivation to star tour good resolutions and to do some sport!

What sentence, quote or war cry would best describe your team?

In English please, « Gazelle from Morocco are ready to go! »

More than ever, our Gazelles are on a war footing!

A nickname for your team?

« Stottingeuses !»

Stotti-what ?! We are going to give you a little explanation, because for us too, it’s unclear…

Stotting comes from a Scottish word, “Stot” which means, “jumping”.

Stotting is a behavior adopted by the quadrupeds (in particular the Gazelle); it’s the fact of jumping in the air with the four legs at the same time.

Thanks dear Gazelles, thanks to you we will sleep less stupid tonight! Or at least a bit more cultivated!

Would you dare to win the race?

No hesitation, the duo is answering they are more than capable to « win the race »!

Surely all our teams look ready to finish at the top of the podium! 

One word to describe the adventure, which is about to start?

« U-T-O-P-I-A »

A great team in great shape who is enjoying being at home to start experiencing the sandy ground….

A duo that is thirsty for adventures and who loves strong sensations. We got here two specials Women@Renault!

We don’t know for you but we are very impatient to see them in action!


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