Let’s meet with… Vanessa and Diana!

And on to the next! Without waiting any longer, let’s move on to the eighth binomial of Gazelles!

This time, they are coming straight from Colombia – two rays of sunshine made in South America!!

A polyglot duo who collects activities, capacities and skills: those two got loads of strings to their bow…

A bubbly pair who forms a colour palette very diversified! Oléééééé!


Where were you when you learned you were selected for the 2015 Rally Aïcha des Gazelles? Did you expect this selection?

This time the news came from somewhere else…

Diana was at a family meeting when her husband, surfing on the Gazelles’ website fall face first onto screen (no worries, he didn’t hurt himself!) and read the good news. « Pasaste! » he shouted at her (« You are selected! »)

The next minute, Diana sent a text to Vanessa to inform her they were selected (« Pasamos!! »).

It’s sound ever nicer in Spanish…

In harmony, they shared: «we always hoped that the work we have done before and during the selection’s weekend would make us go through. »

Good work always pays off girls! 

What was your first reaction? Did you burst into tears? Did you let out a cry of joy?

Diana first was speechless « It was a surprising sensation: feeling at the same time an intense joy but also the fear to have to leave my kids. Meanwhile, the whole family around me was jumping of joy, screaming, and congratulating me. »

Conscious of the realisation of Diana’s dream, her entourage motivated her and reassured her by telling her they would be here to take care of her kids while she would be away.

Vanessa, at her car’s wheel, parked, impatient to read the text: «I screamed like a loony during a very long time…! »

The outcome of the amazing news: in the evening Vanessa had her heart and head all over the place but no more voice…

A really absorbing feeling invading our Gazelles… Joy, happiness, cheerfulness… there are not enough words to describe what’s happening to her Gazelles.

What was the first thought that went through your mind when you realized that you were going to become a real Gazelle?

Vanessa, still in her euphoria state is already imagining herself in the company of her teammate Diana, both on the podium: « I thought about the big responsibility that was given to us, we cannot finish last… »

As a big player, Vanessa, went into the character, with less time than we need to say it, of the unbeatable Gazelle!!

Diana, a bit anxious describes to us: «I had the picture of the two of us, lost in the desert, under the Moroccan sun. »

There was an oasis around? It was probably only a mirage Diana … Todo va a estar bien!

To whom did you tell the news first? What was your friends and family reaction?

Vanessa was in her car with her mum and her big brother, who were simultaneously aware of the great news. Then she called her boyfriend.

Her entire family showed lots of satisfaction and cheering, apart from her dad. “He was so worried he didn’t want to let me go and actually forbidden me to do it, like I was still a little girl! »

A loving dad who will have to become a supporting dad because there is no way her (big) daughter is going to give up on this up-coming adventure!

Diana was right in the middle of a family diner when she got the bunea nueva (the good news); consequently, everyone was aware in direct live!

No Jealous!

And of course, she rushed to prevent her colleague with a text.

Despite all, she is confessing a little fear from her mum… She is a bit afraid about the fact that her little Gazelle goes to an unknown land, on the other side of the Atlantic!

These two Gazelles have protective and anxious parents. But we can reassure you: those two are persistent and tenacious; that’s why they have been chosen actually!

What were your coworkers first words when you announced the good news?

« Congrats Gazelles! »

« You have been extraordinary, you deserve it! »

Loads of congratulations and encouragements from the colleagues. The whole company with no exception congratulated them!

« Forget your names; you have now been baptized Gacelas! »

Relentlessly, the compliments stream even today. The fame of a Gazelle has no limit …Enjoy!

During the selection week-end, did you have doubts about the next step of the adventure ?
Instead, did you realize that the Rallye was made for you?

The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles or rather the Rallye de Vanessa and Diana.

A Rallye that was created for our two Colombians: every tests of the selection’s weekend has confirmed their pre-feeling: « Since the online subscriptions, we told ourselves: « We are already winners until someone proves us wrong! »

More determinate than ever, our two Gazelles know deep down it was a good feeling. A confident Gazelle is a winner Gazelle! 

In Gazelles we trust…!

During the selection weekend, what test was the most difficult? The easiest?

Vanessa and Diana have had some serious difficulties during the orienteering night race: the persistent cold and the jet lag didn’t help them to concentrate…

But our two friends confess they never did a training in such hard conditions « which are far from what we are used to at home».

It happens that the Rallye des Gazelles changes habits sometimes… But we reassure you, you will soon get used to it girls! A Gazelle can adapt to any environment!

Our two Gazelles were nicely surprised by the obstacle race, made special by wearing fireman outfits: that’s a first in the Rallye adventure.

« We trained a lot with the firemen from our company. They made us do all sorts of tests more difficult than the one we were given during the selection’s weekend! »

Depending on the cultures and the countries, we discover some new methods of coaching and training… Interesting!

Which values are best represented during the selection weekend?

Courage, joy, mutual help, perseverance, solidarity, the share of different culture is the values nominated and put forward by our duo.

«We discovered the magic of being a Gazelle. »

Kind of poetic, don’t you think? It’s Gazellestic! 

What are your teammate strengths that will be useful in the desert?

Diana describes Vanessa’s quality as being in agreement with the values of the selections: joy, perseverance, and strength to give the best of her to find a solution at any problem.

On her side, Vanessa lists the qualities of Diana: tenacity, being able to keep her head straight and her capacity to analyse what’s important in spite of the pressure.

Many useful predispositions for the life in the desert…Our Gazelles are ultra-super ready!

What are you team best asset?

Our Gazelles are making fun and are strutting about: « it is not easy to pick one because we have a few… Hihihi! »

More seriously, they came back to the question by talking about complementarity and synergy which unit them. They are lucky to be accomplice and to be able to count on each other for motivation.

An agile Gazelle can make two invincible ones!

What do you dread most during the Rallye?

«No, absolutely nothing, no I don’t fear anything», just like Edith Piaf; our two Gazelles made in Colombia are singing that anthem: nothing can scare them! 

“La vie en Rose”? Or more “la vie in yellow” by Renault!

What are you expecting the most about the Rallye?

The start…

The girls are already dreaming: «we can imagine ourselves in the Duster with our hearts full of joy, illusion, hope and desire. »

So close to the goal, on the edge of living a crazy adventure and an exclusive experience…

The pressure and tension are already palpable for our two Gazelles.

The typical Gazelle is brave and a little bit reckless. Tell us what is the craziest thing you did in life?

Diana, head in the clouds, had done a parachute jumping: a unique experience!

Vanessa, down to earth, scared herself a few times with a Clio which was pretending to be a 4×4: « Going into the dark night, on a rocky track, lost in the south west Colombian desert, and going through some abandoned tunnels. Definitely the most scaring experience of my adventurous life…! »

The city dweller that is taking itself for a 4×4…Gazelles reinvent Renault’s classics!

What state of mind are you in today? What are your next step to prepare for the Rallye? Triathlon training? Mountain climbing?

Proud and serene to have reached their first goal, our two Gazelles are up for what’s coming next. They enjoyed the christmas holidays to reinforce their mind and get back on the right foot to continue the physical preparation.

On the menu: mountains climbing and navigation training with some professionals on the Colombian land!

We can’t wait! Moroccan desert, hold yourself, our Colombians are going to train their guts out for you!

What sentence, quote or war cry would best describe your team?

« Diana and Vanessa: 1-2-3, ALWAYS READY! »!!

You are telling you again; those two Gazelles cannot wait anymore for the D-Day! 

A nickname for your team?

A nickname full of wisdom and emotions…

« The Gazelles from the El Dorado because this Rally is for us a new source of knowledge. »

Waouh! Our two ladies have their two feet on the ground and this nickname is a new proof that the spirit of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is powerful and still present.

Would you dare to win the race?

Our two Colombians are going for this (partly): TO WIN THE RALLYE!

So it’s pretty clear: They are game!

One word to describe the adventure, which is about to start?


A welded team that is full of energy.

Vanessa and Diana are prepared to any eventuality and are calling for their most experienced friends to get 100% ready for this famous Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles, edition 2015: the only event missing to their prize list already well stocked!

Those two are going to show off; we will wait for the start impatiently! 

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