Let’s meet with… Selvasundari and Preethi!

And to enclose this week of presentation, please welcome a pair who came from a far land… Selvasundari and Preethi are representing India! Team from Renault Nissan India, this binomial is doted with a joy of living and a sense of commitment indescribable. They give 300% when they start something and manage at once their family life, their women’s sporty, cultivated and philanthropic life.

We can’t wait to discover this radiant and tonic duo! That’s a great way to end the week.


Where were you when you first got the news that you were selected for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2015? Did you expect it?

Preethi was on annual leave, at her brother’s wedding when the results were announced. So nervous about knowing the answer, she didn’t want to check her emails or the website. At around 11AM, she called her friend and when he picked up, he congratulated right away. With all her family members by her side, Preethi fully enjoyed this moment. “I was on top of the world and I was absolutely overwhelmed. Sundari and I were hoping to be selected but we were nervous…”

Sundari was in a different situation. She was in the middle of resolving a server failure issue when an email popped up. “I was extremely excited but I didn’t know how to express my joy!”

The technology is sometimes a lack to us, but it never gets to the soul of a triumphant Gazelle!

What was your first reaction? Did you burst into tears? Did you let out a cry of joy?

Preethi was in the middle of her brother’s wedding ceremony and let it all out! “All my family members hugged me and wished me good luck for the challenges ahead.”

It was thrilling news and she almost had goose bumps!

Sundari eventually lets her defective server for a moment, to jump and run to tell her manager and friends and naturally her partner.

As The Queen of soul says: R-E-S-P-E-C-T ! 

What was the first thought that went through your mind when you realized that you were going to become a real Gazelle?

Immediately Preethi imagined the two of them in the vast desert in front of the Duster. “I have been watching the previous year’s videos so much that I am now able to replace and relate myself to the desert safaris!”

Sundari imagined them in the record book of the company!

You can be proud Misses! Like a peacock that spread his tail, our Gazelles can show off a bit!

To whom did you tell the news first? What was your friends and family reaction?

Preethi first called her friends to tell them the news. Her family members were already by her side but a lot more anxious than her! “I didn’t need to tell them specifically as they understood from my facial expression: I was extremely happy!”

All her little cousins and siblings surrounded her and hugged her.

What an exhilarating sensation that is the pride of a family. Such good news for such a beautiful day: a selection at the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles and a marriage. Two milestones for life!

Sundari hurried to tell her teammate: “She was on leave so I constantly went to her voicemail. As she was at her brother wedding, I thought her phone was switched off.” Her friends and families were quickly informed of the news and were very happy and very proud of her.

A good reason to think that existential server problem was just a grain of sand…

What were your co-workers first words when you announced the good news?

Preethi on annual leave returned to work a few weeks after the news was announced. Despite the fact that she was away, she was already flooded by lots of messages from co-workers wishing her good luck! Then when she entered her office… Explosion if joy came from everyone who were congratulating her and giving her tips for the rally. “I started to take notes! Each advice and tips are more than welcome!”

Sundari heard a lot of: «YYYeeeaaaahhh! » «Congrats Girls!! » «You made the factory proud! »

“Flawless” as would say Beyoncé!

During the selection weekend, did you have doubts about the next step of the adventure? Instead, did you realize that the Rallye was made for you?

The duo had apprehensions and they were nervous. “But it’s good to be nervous, it keeps us alert!” Each step was a challenge to surpass themselves. No one knew what would be the next step.

A team ready to face their fears, to mobilize their strengths and to mentally prepare themselves for the upcoming steps.

Any well-prepared Gazelle is going to smash it! (Moroccan’s proverb specifically created for the Rallye)

During the selection weekend, what test was the most difficult? The easiest?

According to the duo, the night orienteering race was the hardest as it was the first event of the selection weekend!

Every team confirmed it: the night orienteering race was the hardest time of the selection weekend !

Let’s make a point by saying the selection’s weekend is starting full gear! No rest for our Gazelles!

On the other hand, the easiest was running and cycling. Like huge sporty women, in their daily life, it was “finger in the nose” for our team!

Which values are best represented during the selection weekend?

“Solidarity, team spirit, respect between Gazelles, team effort and sensitiveness to understand the strengths and the weakness of each and every Gazelles.”

Directly coming from the Gandhi’s country, no doubt that our Indians will bring with them a lot of wisdom and tolerance, essential ingredients in the Rally!

What are your teammate strengths that will be useful in the desert?

Preethi knows she will be able to count on their complementarity.

“The trust we share, as well as the fact that we believe in our team is essential.”

Thanks to the selection’s weekend, Sundari found some new asset to her friend: “She is amazing; she can lift weights up to 20 kgs!”

Sundari believes into her partner navigator’s skills: “She has a logical thinking and reading a map is easy for her, that is more than useful!” To finish, Preethi always enjoy a good time.

More complete, you lose (yourself) into desert!

What are you team best asset?

Very aware about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, our two Indians, use their abilities to focus on the up-coming activities.

“Team work has helped us through every stage and we look forward to see if this team work continues at its best.”

A team ready to jump like a duo of Gazelles across sands’ land… 

What do you dread most during the Rally?

In their daily life, our two Gazelles use navigation application for not getting lost in the city … “Our fear is that we do will not have the use of our sat nav’ anymore in the desert… But we have in mind that it’s an entire part of the adventure, otherwise, we would stay at home!

Audacious those two Indians ladies, they enjoy life to the fullest!

What are you expecting the most about the Rallye?

«We were expecting to explore the high adrenaline rush this type of competition could procure!”

As big competitors, Preethi and Sundari are impatient to fully live this adventure, which will mark their professional and personal lives forever.

The pressure, the envy and the adventure: ingredients, which will push our duo to the top (of the dunes)!

The typical Gazelle is brave and a little bit reckless. Tell us what is the craziest thing you did in life?

For her craziest experience, Preethi is telling us that she went to the National park of Munnar to see the Nilgiri Tahr (a goat of South India, an endangered species). “I wanted to take a picture a bit closer and we went a few meters further to get one of the most beautiful panorama and a good scenic view of the clouds. Later on, the clouds cleared up and I realized that I was standing on the edge of a cliff without any support… It was very scary!”

Well, our little goat is from Gazelles’ family?! Maybe a sign from destiny?!

Sundari for her part went on a trek to a reserve forest at Tekkady.

A group of locals informed me about some leeches on the banks of the river which sucks blood…A nerve shrilled me. I was glad I escaped at the right time…

The taste of risk!

What state of mind are you in today? What are your next steps to prepare for the Rallye? Triathlon training? Mountain climbing?

With a real life philosophy, Preethi tells us: « I want to live each challenge of my life as an occasion to discover myself more. »

More « Health »orientated, Sundari is trying to stay serene and to continue the training: muscular work out and cardio.

A healthy mind in a healthy body! 100 % in Gazelles state of mind  (stolen from Rabelais)!

What sentence, quote or war cry would best describe your team?

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. 

An optimism and an uncontestable motivation, our Gazelles know where they are heading! 

A nickname for your team?

Like the flower with the very bright and pronounced tone, our binomial has chosen the nickname: « Indigo ».

Our duo is Indigo! It’s dingo!

Would you dare to win the race?

Something we are sure about: “we work hard to succeed”.

“Work hard, play hard”

One word to describe the adventure, which is about to start?


From the dream to the reality, our duo works hard to reach their goals.

This selection, very much waited and deserved is boosting them, and we get whyt! They are already dreaming about their journey at the wheel of their Duster, and they are scared of nothing! They have considered every possibility; they only have to wait until the D-day … 

The rest of their adventures are on the blog!!


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