Let’s meet with… Léa and Stéphanie!

To enclose those 4 weeks of presentation, please welcome our eleventh and last binomial: Léa and Stéphanie who are the additional team. They both work in the ergonomic department on the Interfaces Home Machine (IHM), Stéphanie is in the management of the product and Léa in the management of the engineering; already a beautiful spirit of sharing and team work!

Two Women@Renault very persevering; it’s the last we can say as it is their third application to the Rallye! 

A meticulous and relentless team which is getting ready to invade to Moroccan desert during the preparation steps! 


Where were you when you first got the news that you were selected for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2015? Did you expect it?

Because of a lack of time to check the results from home, Léa was hoping to have a look at them from the office. She didn’t have time to say “phew” because her colleagues told her, with disappointment the list of the selected teams. Her name and her partner’s weren’t on the list… Her colleagues started to comfort her. Léa confides her disappointment at that time, but not without mentioning that all the official Gazelles deserve their selection.

She finally asked who the additional duo was, but no one knew…  « Without big hope, we went on the website all together, and it was slow, so slow, too slow… And then : « BINNGGGOOOOOO ! Big smile ! It’s us !!! »

Stéphanie, on her side, was on her way to work. She received a text from her partner telling her they were selected as the additional team: « First thought was: is it a bad joke? Then after checking: Time to party! » 

We are the champions, my friend!           

What was your first reaction? Did you burst into tears? Did you let out a cry of joy?

Happiness for the ears but also for our team!

In harmony, the girls say clearly: “To be honest, after the fake announcement, we went a bit wild!” They redraw their reaction: squeaky scream of joy!

The entire department was happy about this selection. A solid team who had been cheering for the girls since the beginning. “We were excited! Hard to stay still, it was horrible to have to go to a meeting right after; we were like electric batteries!”

You said Duracell? No, Gazelles!

What was the first thought that went through your mind when you realized that you were going to become a real Gazelle?

Loads of pride for our team, aware of the opportunity given: « as the additional team, we will be able to live the adventure and participate to the driving and navigation course! We are super ready to face to Moroccan dunes! »

Adventure starts at dawn […] Adventure is like a treasure!

To whom did you tell the news first? What was your friends and family reaction?

The colleagues went ahead of them and already knew the results before the two Gazelles got into their office: colleagues, ex-colleagues, friends, everyone tracked closely the announcement of the results!

Léa urged to write a text to her family. “They didn’t know how to react at the fact that we were the additional team, but they heard the excitation in my voice and understood quickly we were going to celebrate soon!”

Stéphanie continued to spread the news in the office (yes… a few of her colleagues weren’t aware!): « plenty of them supported us from the start, since 2012! »

All aware of the importance of the selection for this duo, an unanimous reaction: joy and pride!

There is joy, Hello hello little swallows, and there is joy in the sky above the roof.

There is joy and sun in the street, there is joy everywhere there is joy! (Especially at Renault) – Charles Trenet

What were your co-workers first words when you announced the good news?

« Let’s talk about those colleagues who don’t look at the bottom of the selected list and thought it was all over for us! » Ironically, the girls remind us the happiness caused by the hidden news. A team victory like they say!

We call it the double effect « kiss cool » dear Gazelles! The Rallye is really full of surprises! 

During the selection weekend, did you have doubts about the next step of the adventure? Instead, did you realize that the Rallye was made for you?

Stéphanie explains that on a sporty point of view, there are no doubts in the duo. In fact, we have here again a very athletic team, motivated, who only needed to train for the orienteering night race…

Léa unveils « It was a perfect teaser for the Rallye! »

A team more than Ready for the Rallye!

During the selection weekend, what test was the most difficult? The easiest?

Like most of the Gazelles, the night orienteering race was the test, which caused the more trouble to our team.

Here again, Stéphanie and Léa paid the price, « It was extremely hard for us as it was the first time. We also realized only two types of frontal torches existed: The good ones and ours… the worst! »

Hihihi, It’s to test you better dear Gazelles!

For the easiest test, the girls loved the running and the cycling. Not lost at all, they even add « we had some visual cues and reflexes from the day before … » they keep a good memory of the assault race. « Stéphanie still apologies for the equipment she had broken (a massive bottle of water), which wasn’t to unpleased the next teams who had less weight to carry.»

They are generous and they even care about the other Gazelles!

Which values are best represented during the selection weekend?

We’ll meet here again and again with numerous similar values to every Gazelles: mutual help, good mood.

But sportsmanship stays the first one enumerated by our duo!

On the attack, on the attack, it is our hour, we fight, we fight, for the best, we shall go, we shall go everywhere to the top!

What are your teammate strengths that will be useful in the desert?

Guess who?

The girls use a riddle: « the one is a go-ahead type, concentrated, and organized. The other one is a fighter. »

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo …


What are you team best asset?

Complementarity, good mood and determination are the three keys assets to our duo «we won’t give up because we always want to be at our max for one another ».

It is a nightmare to put on the helmet? Léa can count on Stéphanie to help her!

What do you dread most during the Rallye?

«A good indigestion in the middle of dunes? Lol! ”

Don’t be afraid, the Moroccan dishes are carefully prepared; you won’t be able to live without them!

What are you expecting the most about the Rallye?

Impatience, you’ve said impatience? It’s the least we could say! Our two Gazelles are more than ready! Nos deux Gazelles sont plus que prêtes !

«The next stages, quick, quick! And who knows, be on the starting line…»

Let’s Go, let me take you to the wind; let me take you in a surprising desert!

The typical Gazelle is brave and a little bit reckless. Tell us what is the craziest thing you did in life?

Stéphanie -feet on earth or on wheels- has done a Formula 1 training session. Let us tell you something, speed doesn’t scare her at all.

A born gazelle ?

Léa who has the head in the stars or in the trees, had an extraordinary experience. She slept in a tree in Kenya, in the heart of the nature reserve of Masaï Mara.  Around her, there were crocodiles, hippopotamus and hyenas… Good night sweetie!

David Guetta said it: It’s dangerous, so dangerous, I wanna do it again!

What state of mind are you in today? What are your next steps to prepare for the Rallye? Triathlon training? Mountain climbing?

Well determined to get better in orienteering, our duo told us: «we are going to participate to the races that will take place around our hometown. »

Two enthusiastic Gazelles who will continue their usual run during lunch time and during the weekend!

What sentence, quote or war cry would best describe your team?

« This year is ours! » Léa and Stéphanie explain that this sentence is a private joke, but to know more, we should make them speak…

We won’t miss on it; we want to know every little thing about you and our curious readers too! 

A nickname for your team?

« Ladies Gaga Zelles! » An extremely original nickname but well chosen!

Gaga Ohlalalah!

Would you dare to win the race?

DARE! After the selection weekend, the girls think that nothing is impossible!

« Of course we dare, you had doubts? »

To tell the truth, not at all… But two confirmations are better than one.

One word to describe the adventure, which is about to start?

« (JUST) H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S! »

A team very punchy, which gave everything and who is ready to give more! We are waiting for the start of this rally impatiently.

We know all our teams for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles edition 2015.

On Friday you will find out the long-awaited article on the last missing Gazelle: the official Gazelle reporter! 


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