Let’s meet with… Djahida!

You thought we forgot someone? Of course not, and here it comes: the presentation of the official communicator for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2015!

She will be present during all the trip of our girls, to tell us their (mis) adventures! At the front row seat of the Rallye, let us introduce you to the bubbly Djahida! Nominated by the Direction of Renault Communication (yes, yes, it’s very serious), our communicator edition 2015 is impatient… Exactly like us! 


Where were you when you first got the news that you were selected for the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2015? Did you expect it?

Djahida was at her desk when she got a message on the Renault messenger application called « Communicator » (it’s the Terminator of the communicator?) from her direction. In the message they asked her if she was available in March to follow the Gazelles in the Moroccan desert. « I didn’t even think about it half a second: it was an evidence for me! Refusing an offer like this would just be indecent. Right? »

We wish we were interrupted at work for such good news…

What was your first thought when you realized you were going the Moroccan desert with our Gazelles?

A surplus of emotions

Djahida explains that she has tried her luck before as a candidate to become a Gazelle. This experience allowed her to participate to the selection weekend. « Finally I will be a part of the adventure but in a different way! »

One way or another, I’m gonna find ya’
I’m gonna get ya’, get ya’, get ya’, get ya’

To whom did you tell the news first? What was your friends and family reaction?

Djahida wanted to inform her colleagues first as she would need to organize her work during her leave. Then, she told her two kids: « I wanted to have their feelings and thoughts before going. »

A business Woman, a Wonder Mummy: the perfect combo!

The first words of your colleagues when given the news?

Very jealous of this selection, they were on the lookout for a place in the suitcase of our official reporter. Djahida, who is big hearted would like to take them all on this fabulous adventure with her. « But let’s be honest guys, my suitcase is too small! » 

A woman, a real one, always has her suitcase full, or her backpack in the case of the Rallye. We never know, the desert has some surprises up its sleeve… 

How the idea or the envy to participate came to you?

Djahida was aware that an opportunity like this won’t come twice. Extremely motivated, she says: « The feedback I have had from the previous communicators gave me more desire to satisfy my curiosity. My will to go further and my desire to support the Gazelles thorough the desert pushed me even more. »

Aim at the desert, it won’t frighten!

You have written the first article during the selection weekend. Did it inspire you? 

Very inspired, our communicator explains to us that her experience during the selection weekend helped her to get in the skin of the participants. She knew that mental strength is as important as the physical strength, but she was still bluffed by the energy and solidarity that emanate during this training between the Gazelles.

Despite all the different profiles, she noticed one common feature to every Gazelle: Passion!

Even with stress and tiredness, Djahida still noticed that every Gazelles had stars in their eyes. « A real challenge for some of them, but they believed in themselves until the end. » A strong support notified by our reporter, who also noticed lots of cheering between Gazelles: « Go Colombia! Go DIAC! Go Morocco! Don’t give up! ».

Djahida confirms that the tests were very physical, especially the obstacle race, where even the firemen were left open mouthed by the abilities of our Gazelles!

Like the Orangina advert says: « who is the strongest gender? »

You have met with the Gazelles for the first time during the selection weekend. Which values are best represented?

The generosity and help between each other are the two values best represented according to Djahida. Even if it’s a competition, the Gazelles respect one another in any circumstances. “The difference with other competitions: no cheap shots! Congrats girls! »

Have you told yourself that the job was made for you?

Djahida tells us about her passion for the desert, challenges and writing. Confident and still transported by the joy of the announcement, our reporter didn’t doubt one second her abilities as an editor-in chief for the Rallye. She wishes to give readers the best of the adventure. Aware of the courage and strong mind that will need the Gazelles during this rally, Djahida will make sure to share everything with us and with you: from the strengths to the weaknesses of our Gazelles.

Make us live the Rallye from inside: the wish and challenge of our communicator!

Can’t wait to read it!

What is your striking memory about this weekend?


The most powerful memory and probably the least pleasant for our special reporter was the night under the tents! « We had the impression to be on a commando mission. Help! The floor was muddy, a light rain started to poor on the camp. We were scared to sleep with temperatures close to minus 5! » 

We always laugh after wise… The best moments are the ones shared in good company! 

What are the useful (in the desert) qualities of her Gazelles that you have notices during the selection weekend?

The mental strength of some Gazelles will make the difference, but also the complementarity of their duo are the main qualities noticed by our journalist.

« More than the physical form or the technic, they will have to adjust their tempers and their characters. » Take turns, agreeing, listening and keep calm… Here is a list full of concessions and efforts that our Gazelles will have to follow to get through the Moroccan desert!

One more precision though: «The only thing you shouldn’t share at the same time girls: Breaking nervously! It will have to be by turns! »

We feel that our communicator is ready to cheer up all troops! Plus, she has a good sense of humour: the perfect communicator?!

What are you dreading the most during the Rallye?

Thanks to the several conversations and shared moments with the ex-communicators, Djahida knows the two hardest things to handle during the Rallye will be the tiredness and the lack of time… « Saving energy to follow every little event that is happening will be important. I will have to be everywhere at the same time because I want each Gazelle to be put forward on the blog. »

Her chronicles will also be the contact point between Gazelles and the outside world, especially their families.

An enthusiastic communicator full of energy! We won’t miss these adventures! We are telling you: The “Vent de sable” blog is THE place to be!

What are you waiting impatiently?

« No hesitation, the start of the Rallye »! She doesn’t go by four paths!

She likes to think that the two strongest moments are the start and the arrival. On one side, the stress of the start and the impatience to go to some new adventures; and one the other side, the celebration but also the fact to get back to reality!

A shared joy, for her, for the Gazelles but also for you, dear readers! 

The Rallye communicator is brave and a bit reckless, tell us about the craziest thing you have done?

Not even scared of heights…!

Her biggest madness:  bungee jumping of a bridge in Normandy (61 meters, it’s nothing!). « Never agggaaaiiinnn! I was « stoned » for 2 days. Just thinking about it, my heart flips… but I loved it! »

It’s a weird sensation. Her next challenge is skydiving!

She is this kind of girl with a solid and well attached heart!

In which state of mine are you today?

Impatient, always and forever…

Our communicator feels serene and very impatient! Very positive, our off border reporter doesn’t think one second about the worse that could happen, “ I think about the new encounters I will made, the multi-cultural exchanges, and all the diversity which I am a part of as Morocco is right next to my home country. »

Happiness, exchange and diversity: The Rallye Aicha des Gazelles is selling dreams again and again!

What are the next steps for the preparation of an apprentice communicator on the Rallye? A triathlon? Reading books on the desert? Workshop writing?

Conscious of her artistic gaps, Djahida is determinate to concentrate and improve her photographic skills and technics.

She wishes to accompany and to illustrate her narratives by beautiful clichés. She thinks the Gazelles will be proud to see themselves in action: “a picture, an emotion” says Djahida.

Watch out, Gazelles run fast and bounce like no one else! You will have to follow them !

Which sentence, quote or war scream would define you the best?

A quotation borrowed from Henry Jackson Brown (an American author) which is dear and important to our friend Djahida. She shares it like a dedication to all the Gazelles (but also to all women!): “In front of the rock, the brook always takes it, not by its strength but by its perseverance!”

It’s also that being a Gazelle: perseverance!

To finish, if there were on word to define the upcoming adventure?

« M-A-G-I-C-A-L ! »

A communicator already in the skin of the perfect Gazelles’ follower! Thanks to her past experience on the selection weekend and as a participation as a communicator, she seems impatient to make us discover the Rallye’s backstage!


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