Gazelles’s Anatomy?

During the last weeks we have found out our ten participating teams for the Rally Aïcha des Gazelles 2015.

You got it, the Gazelle’s spirit is full of qualities and skills. It’s a full-time job and only our Women@Renault hold the secret!

Decoding time… In the discovery of the perfect Gazelle’s anatomy!

Sense of direction!

The Gazelle is endowed with an exceptional spirit. In front of a map, her logic helps her to overcome every difficulty. Thanks to her internal compass, she is able to locate herself into the Moroccan sand dunes and to recognize every bush easily.

Sand grains don’t have any secret for her anymore.


Friendship is her thing! The team spirit and the mutual help are an integral part of her values.

Always present for her colleagues, friends and her partner, the Gazelle is a competitor but she never forgets to support and cheer on for her pairs!

As a team or nothing! One for all and all for one !


Mechanics? Her new passion! The Gazelle is skillful and meticulous. She handles the steering wheel as no one through the erg. Lift, carry, do odd jobs, repair, the Gazelle is a real jack-of-all-trades!

The Gazelle knows how to get her hands dirty when she had to!


She is a fighter! Nothing frightens the Gazelle. Quite the opposite: she’s thirsty of adventure!

Adrenaline is her routine. She always feels the need to surpass herself! The Gazelle lives every moment as a challenge. She continuously has ideas of new challenge!

Every dune is for her a new story!


Distant member of Speedy Gonzales’ family, the Gazelle is quick as lightning!

She’s an antelope, a cross-country professional. With her puncture-proof soles, she can slip through the desert as fast as light speed.

An athlete hides in every Gazelle!

The Gazelle is complete! She is close to perfection. Conscientious, she continues and she is totally into her training not to lose her capacities.

The Gazelle is the key of the Rally. But her desert crossing would be very long without a vehicule… That’s why we are also going to examine closely her car: follow the guide!


Yes, to defend our Gazelles, Duster has a resistant body! Especially adapted for the competition, his structure is reinforced for a better protection. His frame is solidified by aluminium supports…

We don’t joke with safety in Renault!


The traditional engine of the 4×4 Dacia (Diesel 110ch dCi) is ready for the sandy ground. Usually conceived for 560 miles autonomy, the engine can supply a proportional energy as require the sand’s strength.


In case of mishap (it’s necessary to plan), the Duster make available in the boot, all the special Gazelle equipment: two jacks, two spare wheels, four slabs to pull out of the sand with a strap and a shackle.

The Duster is armoured to resist!


To measure up to this particular setting (arid desert and uncontrolled shrub), Duster was equipped with raised suspensions. The Rally ask for some requirements… And all those confine pass below our Duster!

It is not two grains of sand and three branches that are going to prevent it from passing!


For a better adhesion on hostile ground, Duster got new wheels. Largest, biggest, greatest and more resistant: they are intended to go beyond the race. This is the most important package of the vehicle and Renault spares no expenses!

Puncture-proof (almost)!

A lot of enhancement and options have been bringing to our special Rally Aïcha des Gazelles Dacia Duster. This is THE 4×4 that gets the job done (and the road)!

If we summarise, we have: a Gazelle fully trained and determined, along with her strong vehicle cross-country, well armoured… It’s a complementary and winning team here, isn’t it?!

On the road to adventure… Next stop: training camps!


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