Ready, steady, go!

Here we are, finally! The official launching of the Rallye has been done on the 11th of February 2015. No turning back. The show must go on!

They were all here, our 20 Gazelles and our two substitutes, all emotional to meet again.

Sometimes tired due to the jet lag but always enthusiastic. Soon, it will be all about screams, tears, doubts, mistakes….STOOOOOP!

Let’s leave that for March, we have plenty of time to get back to it.

Reunion in the head office of Renault, in Boulogne Billancourt for the kick-off of the Rallye, striking the start of the training period.

We are nearly there, D-32 before the start of the Rallye. Impatience is at its maximum!!!

The Gazelles were meeting again to participate at an intense training session during 10 days (from 02.12 until 02.22), which will allow them to anticipate the desert serenely.

The program:

- Mediatraining training course to shine in front of the cameras,

- Coaching training course to be mentally ready for the upcoming difficulties they might have in the desert.

- Navigation, orientation training in Morocco, just to make sure the compass and the map become their best friends,

- Driving training course (in Morocco as well), to learn how to tame this dear Duster!

A complete program which will transform our Gazelles into the Queens of the Desert!

It was the first time since the selections weekend that they see each other again.

A pure moment of pleasure and sharing!

Our Gazelles introduced themselves, revealed a bit about their personality and shared the reasons, which gave them the motivation to participate to this massive human adventure!

All have just one desire: be on the start line.

The perfect proverb for our Gazelles: slow and steady wins the race!

Talking about point, do no forget it will be essential to link the start and final point of each stage of the race by making the fewer kilometres possible so you don’t have any penalty point!

The Rallye, it is a big story of “point” in fact …

The former Gazelles were also present to pass on the torch to the new Gazelles, encourage them, give them invaluable advices and pass onto them the passion of the Rally.

A touch of nostalgia which got involved in the excitement which emanated from our budding Gazelles!

And yes, the Rally is indeed a very cool experience, the former Gazelles know something about it … It’s the turn of the promotion 2015 to live an exceptional human adventure!

A passion, which is passed year after year and from Gazelle to Gazelle!

To celebrate, the managers and Directors of the Gazelles had all wished to be by their side during this launch to encourage them!

Bernard Cambier, Operation Direction from AMI Region (Africa, Middle East, India) with his two crews : Bouchera and Ibtissam (Morocco) and Selvasundari and Preethi (RNTBCI – India)

José Vicente De Los Mozos, Fabrication and Logistic Director, ready  to support the Sovab’s Gazelles, Morgane and Catherine.

Cécile de Guillebon, Property and Facilities Management Director, behind Valérie and Véronique (DDP).

After some information and precision on the Rallye, let’s move to the party! Tasting of the specialities brought back by our Gazelles, and after that dinner in a privatized restaurant for the occasion.

Enjoy this time while it lasts dear Gazelles, because from March 21st, the evenings of madness will be over…. It will be more like you will be in the tent ready to sleep at sunset!

Make no mistakes; it is not a meeting of Smurfs!

Back to reality with the mediatraining and coaching!

What are the qualities to be a perfect Gazelle? Being an incredible woman is enough!

You said easy?

How to represent their Renault Company in front of the media?

Philippe, journalist at RFI radio gives them some techniques and tools. 

Studious atmosphere around a session of coaching on the cohesion of group

Colombia and Morocco: a combo, which works perfectly!

Studious atmosphere under the benevolent gaze of Karine Baillet (champion and sports coach) and with a lot of coffee to remain awakened after a crazy evening …

Vital stuff (tent, sleeping bag, fleeces) the only thing missing would be the sweets and the “Gazelles corns”! 

After those two days in France, They flew to Fès (Morocco) where they will slip into the skin of the adventurous Gazelle: driving sessions, orientation and dance are on the menu!

No doubt is allowed at this stage, our Gazelles want it and they show it!

Well done girls, we are all behind you!

Follow the upcoming adventures of our Gazelles Women@Renault on our website « Vent de Sable »

You can also cheer them up during the competition by sending them an email on their email address especially created for the Rallye, which will be published very soon!! 


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