Final stretch!

During the previous weeks, we have had the chance to get to know our Gazelles and to discover their strengths, passions and characters. The selection weekend, on itself allowed us to overview their bravery, courage and determination.

Those physical and mental aspects of their personality are essential to be a good Gazelle. But, without a Duster, the Rally is not THE RALLYE AICHA DES GAZELLES!

It’s the reason why our Gazelles faced a new challenge: several training courses from February 12th until the 22nd.

We are getting closer to the Rallye due date and the pressure is rising due to this new experience! Gazelles’ heart is beating at the rhythm of the Rallye more than ever!


Our 10 teams, plus the substitute one flew away on the evening of Friday 13th, direction Morocco!

Hearts pounding at 100 beats per hour, our Gazelles experienced an intensive week on a physical and psychological way one more time!

Get your interview flow ON!

The first training course before they left for Morocco took place on Thursday 12th: the mediatraining course.

No worries, it is not about being on the front page of a magazine or being the anchor of a famous TV show. But at Renault, we think about everything and you never what could happen!

Our Gazelles already experienced the interview exercise during the teams’ presentation but here it was a level above! The goal was that the Gazelles be confortable in front of a camera.

In the desert they might be interviewed and filmed.


Before the red carpet, the Gazelles will walk on the sand carpet.

Radar mode: ON!

Because the theory is nothing without the practice, this Moroccan week of training offered many activities.

We saw our Gazelles getting ready trough an orientation session. Already used to the activity, thanks to the selections weekend, the Gazelles know the basics! They even located themselves in the middle of the night, while biking and walking!

But hey, there is a new navigation mode to plan: with a Duster. A size above! But the technique is not very different.

The main notions explained during the theoretical sessions has been as detailed below:

-       Preparing for navigation: The methods

-       Being able to orientate in any circumstances: The keys

-       Moving/driving into the field: The advices

Two days of training inside has been necessary to understand and assimilate all the technics required to be a real Gazelle! 

Chop, chop, everyone in the car!

Before taking the steering wheel of their Duster, our Gazelles had to follow a “put back to level” day, also to remind them the characteristics of their monsters that they will have to tame during the Rally!

And then: let’s go!

The girls went off to explore the Moroccan landscapes, different fields to practice. They were able to put in application all their orientation and mechanical knowledge through different situations.

Supervised by a team of experts, our Gazelles learned how to progress and evolve on those unknown lands. The aim of the training is to allow the teams to learn how to drive and navigate in the Rally’s conditions.

They were trained for the two jobs: pilot and co-pilot in order to get used to the necessary material for this trip: map and compass.

Our Gazelles we’re not left alone in the wild: Trainers and (bilingual) technical advisers were present to direct them.

The idea was to prepare them to confront any situation possible in the desert: changing a tyre, getting lost in the middle of the dunes…

Adrenaline rush

So close to the goal…

This on-the-spot immersion stay, probably game some palpitations to our Gazelles, whom only have one desire: move forward to March 21st!

The time is passing by and the departure of the Rally is getting closer and closer… Our Gazelles will go from town to town, dune-to-dune, wonders to wonders and surprises to surprises!

This gives us the wish to jump in the future and to discover our Gazelles in the desert at the wheel of their racing cars!


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