#TBT Stage de formation du Rallye des Gazelles 2015

So that’s it! The training course to prepare our Gazelles is already over! This means that the D-Day is getting closer and closer. While we wait to meet our Gazelles again; feet in the sand; we offer you a summary of the training course which took place from the 12th until the 22nd of February in France and obviously Morocco…

They have learnt a lot our Gazelles: Media training, coaching, navigation and driving courses… And now, they are unbeatable! Let’s go back on their reactions and memories from this trip in the Moroccan sand…

Media training

Media training, this course is to allow the Gazelles to feel confident in front of the camera, to go straight to the point, to be themselves but also clear, understandable and comfortable! Let’s see what they have been thinking…

What did you learn during the media training course?

The Gazelles, extremely conscientious have perfectly learnt their lesson. The main point of this course is to deliver short messages, to make complete sentences for a good comprehension from the journalists and so the public. The idea is being able to give an answer linked directly with the Rallye but also coherent with the message the Gazelles want to transmit!

It’s all about elocution… Our Gazelles remind us that a good attitude is also very important in the presentation. Like chorus singers, we learn how to keep straight!

« The journalist is curious! ». Well ladies, good news: the internet net surfers too!

Don’t hold back on interesting info: you are closely followed!

If you had to remember one advice from this training course what would it be?

Conscious of the limited time allowed during an interview, our Gazelles understand the importance of this training course.

The advices delivered for public speeches are some valuable assets applicable in every day’s life: elocution, going straight to the point and confidence.
Like any amazing Gazelle who respect herself, the natural and THE smile better be out « even if we are stuck on a dune » precise Aude and Claire!
A last (but not least) useful advice: the connexion with the public is really important. You talk to a small window but you will be broadcasted in front of a public.

With some humour and a big smile: It will be so much nicer to watch during the replay!

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

Preethi and Sundari find particularly surprising the fact of seeing themselves on the screen: « without training, listening, analysing our languages defaults and our attitudes is really strange! But after the course, we feel more spontaneous, relax, interested and presentable. We strongly recommend this experience! ».

All together, they talk about the notion of confidence; they remember the importance of expressing themselves without approximation in front of the camera in situations of stress. It is not innate to know how to put words together and be convincing at the same time. Léa and Stéphanie emphasize this point: «the content of the speech is important, but the way we deliver it is it just as much valuable. We worked a lot on this point. »

Mission accomplished! Our Gazelles are now true and confident speakers: celebrities of the erg! And that, we like!

Because a good sense of communication implies a perfect coordination!

Navigation training course

The trainer started by sticking in our Gazelles Valérie and Véronique’s mind this information: « The maps to locate yourself in the Moroccan desert are between 30 and 50 years old. Since then, the dunes, the streams and the tracks have changed. Hopefully, the mountains have stayed as before but you still have to identify them on the map! »

Hold on tightly girls, we believe in your instinct (of survival)!

You have been selected for your good skills with a compass and a map during the selection weekend, what did this training taught you in addition of what you already knew?

This training course has allowed the girls to strengthen the notions acquired during the weekend of selection. Bouchera and Ibtissam are grateful: «Good thing we had this previous experience. The use of the compass is totally different according to the mode of navigation! ».
The plus of this training in summary:
- Spot and position points (longitude and latitude) on a map,
- Get acquainted with the very specific legends of the Moroccan maps,
- Analyse the key points allowing to be situated in the desert (where everything looks alike),
- Prepare maps: highlighting in colours what’s important, the adhesive tape of reinforcement and the technique of folding. A true art!
Without rancour, Léa and Stéphanie laugh: “Notice to those who will dare to say in the future that the women have no sense of direction, they are going to regret it!” Difficult Training, easy war!

Although this training course is loaded in knowledge of navigation our Gazelles were also able to benefit from advice of survival: Teodora and Emilia tell us: “Never risk going out of Duster without water (you get thirsty in the desert!) And well aware of certain friends of the desert like snakes and scorpions … ”

Excellent when it comes to music, but not so nice in the desert these Scorpios

Navigate according to Gazelles: it is to look together, in the same direction!

Is navigation in the desert really special? Explain why.

Gazelles were sometimes uncertain in their navigation, as Nathalie and Véronique tell us: “The more we progress in the desert, the more the ground seems different. It is necessary to be able to adapt itself in the middle of nowhere… Everything is alike, but every mark is different.” We seize the complexity of this dry nature…
And this task is even more complex with the impressive climate change. Sandstorms do not facilitate the navigation according to Emeline and Pauline: “The difficulty is to manage to find its marks, sometimes they are simple camels’ herbs situated 20m in front of us ”
Morgane and Catherine add: “Disturbing, but not destabilizing!”. Three days of storm… We say hats off!

Fortunately, our Gazelles are very under cover in their Duster: the car of the situation! Are you ready for, ready for, a perfect storm, perfect storm?

Which surprises did the trainers prepare for you during the training?

Several types of surprises were reserved for the Gazelles (besides the climatic hazards).  

First of all, a miracle tool was revealed to our adventuresses: the magic ruler. «The treasure of the sailors! »

If we were told that one day at school: a ruler which makes you smile!

Concerning the autonomy part, our Gazelles were able to take advantage of a free time to establish a strategy independent from the other teams.

It is what we call to be plunged into the bath!

As big queens of children’s sandboxes, the girls tell us “we had bodyguards all week long!”.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

A lot of memories due to this unforgettable sandstorm! Aude and Claire remember: “The trainers were looking for a passage through an oued. We took advantage of it to remain motivated: we sang and danced our choreography Women@Renault to the tune of Shakira’s song “Waka Waka” ! Memorable!”

The training course, which marks the spirits, Teodora and Emilia, say: “At the table, in the evening, we enjoyed positioning check points on the table with forks, plates…”

Being a Gazelle it is a full-time job! You have to embrace the adventure!

Driving training course

That’s when the serious things begin … After so much theory, our Gazelles were impatient to put on their drivers’ gloves and to make the engines roar!

How was the driving training course in the desert?

The Gazelles met their ally: Duster. Preethi and Sundari are very proud of it: “It crosses incredible passages: crossing of bridge, zones of rocky mountains, poop decks, slopes, camels’ herbs. ” Valérie and Véronique go into raptures: “It really passes everywhere! It is a real pleasure to drive this vehicle with unexpected capacities! “.
This experience of driving on the Moroccan lands gave confidence to our girls.
Diana and Vanessa add: “Before the training course we already liked our Duster, today we are its most fervent supporters.”

Impressive and exhilarating: the perfect dose of adrenalin!

In summary “EX-CEP-TIO-NAL!” As would say Morgane and Catherine.

Did you find out that you had unexpected skills?

Already strong, beating, resourceful and motivated, our Gazelles collect so many qualifiers as there is of grains of sand in the desert!

The biggest discovery is the driving skills: “Manage to cross poop decks without getting stuck: A dream come true for a Gazelle! » Sun Oh and Eunyoung tell us.
But our drivers, never out of their resources, discovered that they had diverse capacities: the listening of one another, patience, power to remain calm, and the anticipation of the ground…

The panoply of the Gazelle is now complete! The ingredients are: determined and motivated girls, joined by their Duster. Sprinkle the whole with one or two sandstorms (according to the goodwill of the Moroccan sky) and it’s done!

Digging out a Duster out of sand is it as hard as we can imagine?

No event is difficult, but all require some practice! And additionally a good equipment!

Nothing like a real situation scenario to realize it: “From the first day we had to dig out a crew twice … We are from now on expert on the subject! » Reveal Teodora and Emilia. According to our new mechanics Pauline and Emeline, it is more impressive than difficult: “Thanks to all the equipment – air compressor, jacks – Digging out Duster is rather easy, but it is still pretty physical! »

However, it remains an advice to be never forgotten and that has to always be applied if you want to have it easy: in the sand, it is always necessary to pass with deflated wheels!

Easiness worth the best experts… Some people are going to think of reorienting themselves within the Renault Group, if that continues …

Did these formations helped you feel ready for the 2015 Rally?

Although the answer seems obvious, our Gazelles are anxious to remind us to what extent these training courses and these formations are essential to the preparation of the Rallye…  

These trainings seem to be an essential element for a better ease and an understanding of what is at stakes. Bouchera and Ibtissam tell us: “We gained confidence (in term of navigation and orientation); we were able to assimilate the technical constraints before facing the practice.” Practice phases, which are moreover totally different from the theory. Facing the desert would be impossible without the trainings upstream.

«They are important stages, which merge the learning, the practice and favour the exchanges and the sharing between the Gazelles. Can’t wait for the departure!” tell Sun Oh and Eunyoung.

Our substitutes add with pride and enjoyment “We are delighted, as substitutes, to have been able to participate in this brilliant training, both on the program and the atmosphere which reigned there! The team was at the top!”

To conclude, Nathalie and Véronique summarize that everything is a question of recipe: “We have the good ingredients, then we have to make the best sauce! »

Our Gazelles have certainly learnt a lot during this trip and are now ready and impatient to face (once again) the Moroccan desert. New challenge: get more tags as possible by making the fewer kilometres.

Don’t get fooled dear Gazelles… The desert has still some surprises for you!!

Can’t wait for the next stage… The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2015!


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