Pauline and Emeline

Let’s meet with… Pauline and Emeline!

For our fifth presentation, Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s introduce (drum roll)… Emeline and Pauline! DCF crew (France Commercial Dept.). A pair proud of their colors and to represent women into Renault’s group! Dressed in their war make-up, they form a complementary pair composed with the joking one and the intellectual one. Follow us to discover [...]

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Aude and Claire!

Let’s meet with… Aude and Claire!

On to the next one! Today let’s introduce our forth team: Aude and Claire. Women@Renault’s crew from the iDAV: a team which isn’t on their first shot. In fact, our two Gazelles where part of the 2014 edition as the substitute team. Back to basics or maybe more back to sand for this skilled duo! [...]

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Morgane et Catherine

Let’s meet with… Morgane and Catherine!

Let’s meet our third unstoppable crew: Catherine and Morgane DGLC pair (Direction and Group Logistic Crew)! A team who evolves in a very close family environment and who is welded, a real accomplice and indestructible duo! Watch Out! They are no joke! SELECTIONS BACKSTAGE… Where were you when you learned you were selected for the [...]

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Véronique Joubert and Nathalie Chabert

Let’s meet with… Nathalie et Véronique!

On December 9th, we unveil names of our Gazelles for the 2015… Today we will meet them, we invite you to discover, throughout the next two weeks, portraits of the various twins of the 2015 Rally Aïcha des Gazelles. In the questionnaire offered Gazelles, we asked them to describe their reactions, their fears, their visions [...]

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Vérique and Valérie

Let’s meet with… Valérie et Véronique !

The second crew, which will reveal its secrets this week, is Valérie and Véronque. DPD Crew (Delegate at the Presidency Directorate)! A cheerful and go-getter team, eager to face the next races… …Let’s go ! SELECTIONS BACKSTAGE… Where were you when you learned you were selected for the 2015 Rally Aïcha des Gazelles? Did you expect [...]

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Exclusive: weekend selection’s video!

Remember! It has already been a month since the 2015 Gazelles’ weekend selection was held on the leisure park of St-Quentin-en-Yvelines… Well this is it! We have it, it’s here, it’s ready, 5 minutes of action to be in total immersion alongside our adventurers: the video of this famous weekend. After the announcement of the [...]

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And the winners are…

After waiting over two weeks, we do have names of the Gazelles Edition 2015! We keep you out of breath since selection weekend! No worries, we will tell you everything about it! From the names of participating girls to their jobs, their hobbies but also and foremost their motivation! Hurried to discover the champions? Here [...]

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Hellow !!!


On Sunday 16th of November was held Boulogne’s half marathon… But at Renault, we had other fishes to fry, or rather other Gazelles to select! From 14 to 16 of November, our candidates for this 25th edition of Rally Aïcha des Gazelles have been selected: a fully feminine challenge! Girls knew that this selection would [...]

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Rally tracks in memories…

The 2015 edition of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles preparation is officially launched. In looking forward to the selection weekend, previous editions’s gazelles think about the good and bad times, they advise and share their memories. To get stuck in straight away the next candidates, Gazelles experienced were glad to participate into the interview… Friendships, [...]

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