Gazelles’ Homecoming Ceremony at the Technocentre!

On Tuesday 8th April 2014 was held the Gazelles’ Homecoming ceremony at the Technocenter in Guyancourt. “The Hive” well bears its name, whereas a unusual animation liven the building’s huge courtyard up at the lunch time. Four of the six Women@Renault crews were present for sharing their experience since the Columbian and Morrocan had returned in [...]

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Let’s take a look in the wing mirror…

Their adventure started 5 months ago in a Parisian wood; it was bearly C°2! It ended just a few days ago in Essaouira by C°20 in the shade. In the meantime the Women@Renault passed tough selection trials. They educated themselves, trained and finally set off toward Morocco without really knowing where they were about to [...]

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Etape 6 - 2014

Stage 6: Foum Zguid / Foum Zguid

Ideal mileage 120 kms – estimate time 9 hours Wednesday the sand is back. It crosses the bivouac and fills the tents… Ski masks are required until the next morning. For the desert it’s probably a way to say goodbye! Raphaëlle Gomez and Isabelle Behar (#319) spent the night in these special conditions. Grounded too [...]

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Etape Marathon 2 - 2014

Stage Marathon: Tinfou / Foum Zguid

Ideal mileage 300 kms – estimate time 20 hours Breaking news: During the first day of the stage 5 most of the difficulties showed up on the fourth checkpoint: crews sometimes went the wrong direction and had a slower progression. The Women@Renault faced up a hostile terrain. Only the crew #318, Emilie Baubeste and Delphine [...]

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Etape Marathon 1 - 2014

Stage 4 – Marathon: Mech Irdane / Tinfou

The Marathon from the inside The Marathon stage is a crucial stage of the Rallye. For two days Gazelles are autonomous. Usually that kind of trial enhances the strenght and weaknesses of the crews. Despite the troubles they went through and the bad luck they faced so far the Women@Renault are about to set off [...]

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Etape Marathon - 2014

Stage Marathon: Mech Irdane / Tinfou

Yesterday at daybreak, Gazelles took the start of the fourth stage but also, and above all the first Marathon stage of this Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles! For our Women@Renault, it’s the beginning of a long crossing through the mountains, the dunes and the camel grass. The crossing will be all the more long that this [...]

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Etape 3 - 2014

Stage 3: Nejack / Mech Irdane

Before talking about the stage 3, let’s come back on some crews’ stage 2 outcomes. Christel Le Berre, Sophie Chevalier-Viollet (# 315) and Afaf Semlali and Zineb Maoudoud (# 317) prefered to spend the night out of the bivouac. Fortunately they were not alone and the atmosphere of the improvised camp was warm, even festive. [...]

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