“Draw me a Duster!”

Results’ and Christmas’ euphoria is now gone. Gazelles got back to work and their colleagues. Yet, we can see a spark in their eyes reminding the Rallye remains in their mind permanently… But let’s them train with no stress and shed light on the thirds crews’ members. As brave and resistant as our girls, they [...]

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Smile, you are selected! – Colombian Crew

They are the 2013 selections’ surprise! Maybe you have noticed them showing up on the Women@Renault Rallye des Gazelles’ website. Clara-Cecilia and Maria-Victoria joined our first five crews to form the Colombian crew. Very close to the podium, they wouldn’t stay in South America, watching the race on their screen! Thanks to their incredible motivation, [...]

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Smile, you are selected! – DDP Crew

Smile, you are selected! – DDP Crew Coming from the law department, Morgane and Lisa form the 5th crew of this 2014 Rallye des Gazelles. Those two adventurers launched into the Rallye’s experience with only objective to take the trial seriously but always having fun. Finally, here they are on board on what may be [...]

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Smile, you are selected! – #2 Women@Renault Crew

Today’s interview is dedicated to the second Women@Renault crew. Coming from the Performance and Quality Control crew, Christel and Sophie lived a 2013 year’s end full of joy after they got the selection’s results. It’s now time to start 2014 which will be full of… sport, lots of sport! Caution, this crew knows what it [...]

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Renault in Morocco crew

Smile, you are selected! – Renault in Morocco Crew

Today is our Moroccan Gazelles’ turn to tell how they lived the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles’ selection’s results annouce. The possibility to celebrate the victory at home will be an extra motivation that might offer them a great advantage in order to take the lead on their competitors… With the great enthusiasm they show, that’s [...]

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Smile, you are selected! – #1 Women@Renault Crew

Monday, 16th December 2013… The long-awaited day is there: results are finally available! Stress gives way to relief. For the 10 candidates now become Gazelles, the festive season tasted like desert in 2013! All week long, discover the 5 selected crews’ reactions before they go training to reprensent the Women@Renault at the Rallye Aïcha des [...]

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2014 Gazelles

Rallye des Gazelles: a VERY BIG TEAM effort!

On Monday were revealed the selected crews for the 2014 Rallye des Gazelles. After what, we received plenty of great reactions from you all! Further to those reactions and as a thank you, we decided to share a few of them with you. 2013 Gazelles pass on the torch… Experience first! Anne-Sophie, a nostalgic skilled [...]

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Endurance race and Karine Baillet’s presentation

KARINE BAILLET, AN SPORT ADVENTURE WORLD CHAMPION TRAINING GAZELLES The company created by Karine Baillet, KBO organisation, was in charge of the endurance race organisation. Precise expectations on the endurance race After the orientation race the day before and the assault course of the morning, the selection weekend continues with the endurance race. From 2:00 [...]

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